Google Map Latest Update Will Alert If The Speed Limit Of The Road Is Exceeded

Google Map Latest Update Will Alert If The Speed Limit Of The Road Is Exceeded. Driving is not a very difficult task and it is not easy at all. It is an art that gets better with time. It is mandatory to follow certain rules of the road while driving. At the same time, while driving on the road, it is important to keep in mind some road signs which tell you about various rules like parking schedule, repair work, and speed limit.

Google Map Latest Update Will Alert If The Speed Limit Of The Road Is Exceeded.

In a country like India, exceeding the speed limit is a crime and there is a challan for it. It is a punishable offense in other countries as well. While driving the car, it is important to keep in mind the speedometer and the speed limit on each road, as the speed limit may be different on some roads. You can also do this task using your smartphone and Google Maps, Google Maps will give you information about many warnings including speed limits on your phone.

Introduced by Google for Google Maps, the Speed Limit Warning feature is designed to inform users about their current speed which is displayed on their phone screen while driving. It shows the destination and other information of the users. This is a very useful feature for the people. In this, the system can alert you if you exceed the speed limit.

Google Map Latest Update

It is also important to note that one should not rely solely on the Google Maps speed limit feature. It is also to be noted that this feature is not a substitute for caution and caution while driving the vehicle. If the data provided by it turns out to be wrong or out of date, then relying completely on its feature can prove to be harmful to the users.

At the same time, this feature is present only in some limited countries. Users can first check the list for this feature, whether their region has been selected by Google. At the same time, this list is updated from time to time.

Google Map Latest Update

Use Google Maps Speed Limit Feature Like This

  • First of all, you have to keep in mind whether your phone has the latest version of Google Maps. To do this, you can update your Google Maps app from the Google Play Store.
  • Now you have to open Google Maps app on your phone. Then that tap on your profile photo and select Settings.
  • Then select Navigation, then scroll down and see the Driving option.
  • Turn on Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčLimit and Speedometer and go back to the main screen of the Google Maps app.
  • Now while driving the car, ask a friend or other person in the car to check the speed on Google Maps and compare the speed given on your speedometer

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