WhatsApp New Feature: Missed Group Call? Join Like This

To provide a better experience to the customer, the instant messaging app WhatsApp keeps updating itself and add new features. The organization had added WhatsApp New Feature to the group calling feature during the COVID period, not only that the firm continues to strive to increase the user experience more and for a long time the company was struggling with a new feature. Finally, WhatsApp has updated the new Joinable Group Calls feature for the users. WhatsApp New Feature: The new WhatsApp Joinable Group Call feature has come to help the users, how will you work, know everything.

WhatsApp New Feature

WhatsApp New Feature: Missed Group Call? Join Like This.

Several times it must have occurred to you that you must have missed a WhatsApp group call and then you have to especially message the members who are in the call to join with you to the call.

Simply no more, WhatsApp has published the new WhatsApp Joinable Group Calls feature to get the user self-reliant and join group WhatsApp calls without the help of the people.

With this new feature, users will be capable to see which calls they have missed, and by going to the “Calls Tab“, if the call is still going on, then they can quickly join the group call by clicking on the join option.

Missed WhatsApp Group Call? Join Like This.

With the help of this new feature, the user can also see the new call information screen, and this screen will show the user which members are in the WhatsApp call, as well as who are the called users who have not entered in Whatsapp call.

Understand Before You Use WhatsApp New Feature

To use this new Whatsapp feature, first, you have to make sure that the updated version of WhatsApp should be installed on your smartphone. For the knowledge of the people, let us tell you that this latest feature is for both WhatsApp group voice calls and WhatsApp group video.


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