LIC Jeevan Anand Policy 15 Years

LIC is an Indian insurance and investment corporation owned by the Government of India. Life Insurance Corporation of India was established on September 1, 1956, when the Parliament of India passed the Life Insurance Act of India, which allowed the insurance industry in India. Nationalized. So there are many plans for “LIC Jeevan Anand Policy 15 Years”. Let’s start with [ Table No. 915 UIN: 512N279V02 ].

LIC New Jeevan Anand (Table No. 915 UIN: 512N279V02 ).

Today this company does business at a good level and provides good services and provides many types of insurance plans, one of these plans is LIC New Jeevan Anand (Plan 915) which is the best life insurance plan which is offered by the company to its customers. In this article, we will tell you in detail about LIC New Jeevan Anand (Plan 915).

What are LIC Jeevan Anand Policy 15 Years?

LIC Jeevan Anand Policy 15 Years – LIC New Jeevan Anand is a participating non-linked plan, this plan provides protection along with saving, you also get a bonus under this plan. The risk cover under this scheme continues even after the policy term. If the policyholder dies after the end of the policy term, the death benefit is still paid to him.

Any person can take this plan for himself and for himself or any member of his family because today everyone must get insurance, in this, while buying the policy, the policyholder chooses the cover amount (Sum Assured) and the term of the policy.

LIC’s New Jeevan Anand ( plan-815 ) maturity calculator – CALCULATE

Features of LIC Jeevan Anand Policy 15 Years:

  • LIC also provides bonuses in the LIC New Jeevan Anand plan.
  • In this, you get a discount in premium by opting for a higher sum assured. Similarly, you also get a discount on the premium paid annually and half-yearly.
  • The loan facility is also available in the LIC New Jeevan Anand plan.
  • Under this plan, you get the facility of additional Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider, which gives you additional protection in case of accidental death or disability.
  • The plan also provides tax exemption on premium payment and claim settlement under Section 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act.
  • LIC New Jeevan Anand offers the insured the option of paying regular premiums.

Benefits Of LIC Jeevan Anand Policy 15 Years.

[ Simple Reversion Bonus ] -: LIC New Jeevan Anand participates in the company’s profits and can get Simple Reversionary Bonuses as declared by the company during the policy term provided the policy is in full force.

[Maturity Benefit ] -: Basic Sum Assured + Accrued Bonus + Final Addition Bonus (if any) will be paid to the policyholder on maturity.

[ Death Benefit ] -: The death benefit in this plan depends on the period of death such as;

  • If the policyholder dies during the policy term, the Sum Assured on Death + Accrued Bonus + Final Addition Bonus (if any) is paid to the nominee.
  • If death occurs after the policy term, then the Basic Sum Assured is paid (Maturity Benefit has already been paid) to the nominee.

[ Tax Benefit ] -: This plan also provides tax exemption on premium payment and claim settlement under Section 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act.

LIC Jeevan Anand Policy 15 Years

LIC Jeevan Anand Policy 15 Years – Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum Basic Sum Assured: Rs.100,000.
  • Maximum Basic Sum Assured: No Limit (Basic Sum Assured will be in multiples of Rs.5000/-)
  • Minimum Age At Entry: 18 Years (Completed)
  • Maximum Age At Entry: 50 years (nearest birthday)
  • Maximum Maturity Age: 75 Years (Nearest Birthday)
  • Minimum Policy Term: 15 years
  • Maximum Policy Term: 35 Years
At Least At Most
Sum Assured (Rs) 1,00,000 No limits
Policy Term (Years) 15 35
Premium Paying Term (Years) 5 57
Policy Holder’s Entry Age (from last birthday) 18 Years 50 Years
Maturity Age (Years) 75
Payment Mode Annual, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly


Discount on LIC Jeevan Anand Policy 15 Years Scheme

[ Premium ]:- The premium paid under this plan is exempted under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. A maximum 1.5 lakh exemption is available. To claim this exemption, your premium paid should be 10% of the Sum Assured.

[ Maturity Benefit ]:- Maturity benefit in LIC New Jeevan Anand plan is exempted under Income Tax Act 10(10D) but to claim this exemption, the sum assured is 10% of the premium paid. should be multiplied. Jeevan Anand policy details chart,

[ Death Benefit ]:- In this scheme, the death benefit is exempted under section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act. There are zero limits on the claim amount.

New LIC Jeevan Anand Policy 15 Years Premium Rates

Age 15 Years 25 Years 35 Years
20 Years Rs.39,525 Rs.22,150 Rs.14,975
30 Years Rs.41,225 Rs.23,375 Rs.16,150
40 Years Rs.44,100 Rs.25,700 Rs.18,550


Documents required to take LIC’s New Jeevan Anand Plan:

Documents For LIC’s New Jeevan Anand Plan:- To buy LIC’s New Jeevan Anand plan you need to submit the following ‘documents’.

  • ID Proof:- Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, Voter Card
  • Address Proof:- Ration Card, Electricity Bill,
  • Bank Account With Passbook
  • Photograph Email ID, Phone Number,
  • Other Documents

How to Buy LIC Jeevan Anand Policy 15 Years?

If you want to take LIC’s New Jeevan Anand Plan, then you will have to contact the agents of the company, from there you will get all the information about which documents are required or how to get benefits from it.

How LIC’s New Jeevan Anand Plan works?

  • DAB:-  Rs. 40 Lakh
  • Death Sum Assurance:- Rs. 50 Lakh
  • Basic Sum Assured:- Rs. 40 Lakh

If you want to pay Annual Premium, then for this you have to pay Rs 180689 (172908 + 7781). On the other hand, if you want to pay Half Yearly Premium, then you have to pay Rs 91309 (87377 + 3932).

First-year premium with 4.5% tax

Annual :- 180689 (172908 + 7781)

Half Yearly :- 91309 (87377 + 3932)

Quarterly :- 46137 (44150 + 1987)

Monthly :- 15379 (14717 + 662)

With reduced tax after paying the first-year premium –

Annual :-176798 (172908 + 3890)

Half Yearly :- 45143 (44150 + 993)

Quarterly :- 15048 (14717 + 331)

Monthly :- 15379 (14717 + 662)


Total Estimated Premium Payable: Rs 4423841

Sem-Assured :- 40,00,000

Bonus : 49,00,000

Final Additional Bonus :- 18,00,000

In this way, the policyholder will get an estimated return of Rs.1,07,0000000 on maturity.

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How to claim LIC New Jeevan Anand Plan Surrender Value or Death?

If someone wants to claim LIC’s New Jeevan Anand Plan death, then the nominee has to fill the discharge form and some documents are required with it like;

  • Original policy document
  • NEFT Form for Claim Settlement
  • Nominee’s ID
  • Death certificate of the policyholder
  • Medical treatment before death
  • A copy of the date of birth proof if not submitted earlier
  • The police investigation report, newspaper cuttings for the correctness of accident report, copy of the driving license for a road accident, post mortem report is required. If there has been an accident or unnatural death.

Frequently Asked Questions on LIC New Jeevan Anand Plan: LIC Jeevan Anand Plan


Q.1. I am an NRI, can I avail myself LIC New Jeevan Anand Plan?

Ans. Yes, you can avail the New Jeevan Anand plan by the Life Insurance Corporation of India, whenever you want. As per Indian laws, any NRI in India is eligible to buy insurance plans from insurance companies. A person is eligible to get insurance by this insurance scheme after submitting the required documents and a correctly filled registration form. After all necessary verifications are done by LIC, a confirmation will be sent to the Buyer within 15 to 20 working days. new Jeevan Anand (plan-815) details,

Q.2 Is the scheme forfeited directly by the company?

Ans. Yes, insurance plans are directly forfeited by LIC when the company finds any information given by the policyholder to be misleading or deceptive. The company has every right to cancel the insurance plan by paying the applicable surrender value. Under section 45 of the Insurance Act, 1938 the company has the right to forfeit the insurance plan in such a case.

Q.3 What are the basic requirements while making a death claim?

Ans. For making a claim on death, the nominee will need to submit the claim form along with the original policy documents issued by LIC in the name of the insured. In addition, as mentioned in the rider brochure, the nominee will require all the details and documents as applicable, such as bank account details, death certificates, medical treatment details before death, etc.

Q.4 What are the basic requirements while claiming maturity or surrender?

Ans. While making claims on maturity, the insured is required to submit a completely filled discharge form along with the original policy documents, as issued by LIC in the name of the policyholder. Additionally, the policyholder has to provide bank account details for the NEFT transfer of maturity benefit.

While claiming surrender, the insured has to provide the original policy documents along with the policy issued by LIC along with the duly filled discharge form, along with bank details for NEFT transfer or surrender benefits as applicable.

Q.5 Can the policy be dated?

Ans. Yes, the LIC New Jeevan Anand plan can be applied within the same financial year as per the terms and conditions applicable at the end of the plan term.

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