Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro Price In India | Check Specification & Features.

Indian company Micromax has entered the TWS audio products category for the first time. The company launched Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro TWS and Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro earbuds last month. Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro earbuds have been launched in various color options. We have used these earbuds for the last few days. Let us tell you what is special in the new Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro earbuds. Let’s review it.

The Rs 2,499 Airfunk 1 Pro offers noise cancellation, 13mm base drivers, and up to 32 hours of battery life. They also have touch controls that are exclusive to this range of earbuds.

Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro: Design

Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro comes in four colors Blue, Black, White, Yellow, and Red. We got the white color variant for review, which looks fine. With the earbuds in the box, you get a charging case, USB cable, user manual, and two additional ear tips. You can choose ear tips according to the size of your ear.

Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro

The accompanying charging case comes with a glossy finish and we liked it. As soon as you take out the earphones from the case, the blue light on the earphones blinks and the connectivity mode is activated. There is no difficulty in pairing these earbuds with the smartphone. Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro has been made of polycarbonate and the design is trendy. The special thing is that you will get to see Micromax IN branding on the charging case.

These earbuds come with touch controls and you can switch them on, switch off by touching on the earphones. But keep in mind that once disconnected, to connect to the phone again, you will have to put them back in the case and take them out. This means that you have to carry the charging case with you at all times.

Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro: Features

Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro is powered by Qualcomm QCC 3040 processor which comes with Clear Voice Capture 8.0 (CVC 8.0). In these earbuds, you get ambient noise cancellation and echo cancellation during calls. Micromax has provided 13mm, dynamic drivers, in the earbuds and gets four-mic for a better calling experience. These earbuds from Micromax come with an IP44 rating i.e. they will not get spoiled due to dust or sweating while walking, raindrops.

Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro: Connectivity And Battery

These Micromax earbuds can last for 6 to 7 hours on a single charge. At the same time, up to 32 hours of battery life is available with the charging case. It takes more than 1 hour for these earbuds to be fully charged.

Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro TWS earbuds have Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. It has a Type-C charging port. The company has provided an accompanying cable in the box, which makes the earbuds charge faster when charging.

Micromax Airfunk Performance

Talking about the sound quality, Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro will not disappoint you. The sound quality is quite impressive and we have no complaints about it. Talking about ENC, the earphones give good sound by removing the noise in many places like in the house but in the market like during traffic noise, they do not give very good performance. Even when listening to heavy bass songs from the earbuds, the quality does not deteriorate and the lyrics are heard clearly. At the same time, our experience was good with slow and soft songs too. There was no problem when applied to the ears and it is convenient to wear them.

The connectivity of the earbuds is good even during calls. The sound remains clear and crisp during calls and this is a great feature in this price segment.

Talking about the touch response, the earphones get confusing at times and you will have to miss the touch control functions. To play music, you have to double-tap on the buds. To play the next track, you have to triple tap on the Ride Bud, while for the previous track, you have to double-tap on the Left Bud. To receive a call, you have to touch once on one earphone, while to cut a call, you have to tap twice on the other earphone. On the other hand, to reject the call, you have to tap and hold the earbud for a second. Similarly, to increase or decrease the volume, you also have to tap a single tap on the earbuds. To activate the voice assistant, you have to touch and hold on to an earbud. Let us tell you that you can listen to music even with a bud. It took us a while to remember the touch controls, but you’ll get used to them quickly.

The Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro TWS fits snugly in the ear and there is no fear of falling out. Whether walking or exercising or driving, you can use them properly with a helmet as well.

Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro: Buy Or Not?

Airfunk 1 Pro TWS has been launched by the company for Rs 2,499. At this price point, these earbuds offer great sound quality and are quite convenient. The earbuds are great to use for making calls, binge-watching, and listening to music. We did not have any problem using the Micromax Airfunk 1 Pro TWS. If you want the best earbuds in this range with Type-C charging port, then you will love these earbuds from Micromax. Its sound quality and battery life are great.

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