Who Are The Best Among BSNL And Excitel Rs 449 Plan, See The Benefits.

With the demand for high-speed internet in India, BSNL And Excitel Rs 449 Plan offers unlimited data with a speed of 200 Mbps. At the same time, in BSNL’s Rs 449 plan, the user gets good speed internet and 3300 GB of data. See which plan is best for you?

BSNL And Excitel Rs 449 Plan Benefits:

The demand for high-speed internet is increasing day by day in India, the biggest reason is that the number of smart gadgets has increased in people’s homes and people cannot use them without the internet. Also, for the past one and a half years, people are forced to work from home due to the coronavirus. High-speed internet is also required for online classes of children. Keeping in view these needs of the people, Excitel has offered many good broadband plans at low prices. At the same time, the government telecom company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited also has many high-speed broadband plans, which are economical.

BSNL And Excitel's Rs 449 Plan

High-Speed Internet Required

If you want high-speed internet for less than 500 rupees, then we will tell you about the best broadband plans of BSNL and Excitel under 500 rupees, in which you get a lot of data, as well as internet at 200 Mbps speed. will get. Let us introduce you to the benefits of these affordable broadband plans from Excitel and BSNL. Also, will tell me which plan will be best for you?

What Are The Benefit Of The BSNL And Excitel Rs 449 Plan?

In BSNL’s Rs 449 broadband plan, users get 3300 GB of data at 30 Mbps speed for a month. Along with this, a landline connection is available for free. At the same time, Excitel provides users with unlimited data as well as 200 Mbps high-speed internet for Rs 449 per month.

But here the condition is that if you take one year plan for one year in a lump sum, then you will get unlimited data and 200 Mbps speed for Rs 449 only. Otherwise, if you want this much speed, then Exitel will charge you Rs 799 for this, in such a situation, if you want high-speed data at a low price, then it will be beneficial to take this plan of Exitel yearly and enjoy the best speed at a low price.

User’s bat

Now let me tell the users that out of the above two plans, whose broadband plan is the best. Surely Excitel’s plan is better for you because in this you get 200 Mbps speed for just Rs 449 per month if you take an annual plan. Excitel has lately joined hands with Aprecomm for the benefit of the users and in this users can use artificial intelligence technology.

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