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Muthoot Finance Gold Loan Complete information in Hindi Today, Gold Loan has become a source of income for the people in India because today people are taking loan by keeping the gold lying in their house in the bank, so that the gold remains safe and the necessary income. Demand is also fulfilled. And that’s why today many banks are providing gold loan and all banks provide loan at interest rate and Muthoot Finance is also one of the biggest company giving gold loan and it is at good interest rate. Provides Gold Loan and it does many other things besides the company like; Provides foreign exchange service, money transfers, wealth management service, travel and tourism service and this company also works abroad, so if any person wants to take gold loan, then this is the right company for him, today in this article we will tell you About Muthoot Finance Gold Loan.

What Is Muthoot Finance Gold Loan?

Everyone knows about Gold Loan, if you do not know, then we tell you a little bit, when you take a loan with a company or bank by pledging your gold or gold ornaments (collateral), then it is called Gold Loan. And in India, the popularity of Gold Loan is becoming very high because the rate of interest is low inside it and it is available quickly and Muthoot Finance is also a gold loan company and this company is passed the loan within 1 hour but all the documents should be correct and provides loan at good interest rate, so if a person needs money then take gold loan.

Muthoot Finance Gold Loan

Muthoot Finance Gold Loan Details.

Interest Rates 12% – 13%
Processing Fees 1% of the Loan amount + applicable GST, minimum Rs.500/-+ applicable GST
Loan Tenure 3 Year
Min. loan amount ₹ 1500/-
Maximum loan amount ₹ 1 Crore
Prepayment Charges Nil / Zero

Features Of Muthoot Finance Gold Loan.

Muthoot Finance is a very big company that provides the best facilities to its customers, so if you compare this company with any other company, then there are many features like:-

  • Muthoot Finance Gold Loan Interest Rate Is Very Low. This Company Provides Loan At Interest Rate.
  • This Company Passes The Loan Within 1 Hour If All The Documents And Gold Are Correct.
  • This Company Keeps The Gold Absolutely Safe, It Has Good Locker Facility.
  • Muthoot Finance Gold Loan Can Be Used For Any Purpose.
  • Loan Is Given With Few Documents And CIBIL Score Is Not Checked.
  • Muthoot Company Gives Loan With Negligible Processing Fee.
  • In This Scheme One Can Take Loan From 1 Thousand To 1 Crore.

What Are The Benefits Of Muthoot Finance Gold Loan?

There are many benefits of Muthoot Finance Gold Loan such as:-

  • Muthoot Finance Gold Loan Is Approved Very Easily And Is Given Quickly.
  • Muthoot Finance Charges Very Low Processing Fee For Gold Loan.
  • Even If Someone Has A Bad CIBIL Score, He Can Get A Gold Loan.
  • You Can Use Muthoot Finance Gold Loan For Any Purpose.
  • Muthoot Company Provides Three-tier Security Of Gold. Gold Is Kept Very Securely In Lockers
  • It Does Not Require Much Paper Work.
  • In This Loan Can Be Taken For Minimum 15 Months And Maximum 36 Months.
  • Muthoot Finance Provides The Facility Of Pre-Payment I.e. If You Have The First Money Arrangement And You Want To Close The Loan First, Then You Can Do Pre-Payment.

What Is The Tenure Of Muthoot Finance Gold Loan?

Muthoot Finance Gold loan is a short term loan as well as a long term loan, you can get it for a maximum period of 36 months and a minimum tenure of 6 months. Therefore, everyone can take a loan according to their need and this loan period depends on the loan amount and all banks and companies have different tenures.

Muthoot Gold Loan Eligibility Criteria.

  • The age limit for taking Muthoot Finance Gold Loan is minimum – 18 years and maximum – 70 years.
  • Applicant should be an Indian citizen.
  • To avail Muthoot Finance Gold Loan, the applicant must be the owner of his own gold.
  • The purity of gold jewelery should be between 18 carats to 22 carats to avail Muthoot Finance Gold Loan.
  • To take the loan, the applicant should have at least 10 grams of gold weight.

Documents Required For Muthoot Gold Loan.

To take a gold loan, along with your gold ornaments, some documents will also have to be submitted, he can give a bank loan only after checking all the documents.

When Taking A Loan:

  • Application Form
  • Identity Card, Proof Of Your Address
  • PAN Card
  • Two Photos

At The Time Of Payment:

  • DP Note And DP Note Delivery Letter
  • Gold Jewelery Delivery Letter
  • Order Letter

How To Get Muthoot Finance Gold Loan?

If any person wants to take a gold loan from Muthoot Finance, then not much has to be done for that loan can be taken very easily, you can go to any Muthoot Finance branch near you and take your gold and all the necessary documents with you. Take it with you and go there, take the form from the loan counter of the bank and fill it completely and submit all the documents together. And after checking all the documents and gold, your loan will be processed and after some time the loan will be provided to you and if the loan amount is large then you may also have to talk to the manager of the bank.

How Much Loan Can I Take From Muthoot Finance?

The amount of loan provided to you by Muthoot Finance Company depends on the value of your gold. The company gives you the loan after the valuation of the gold. Muthoot gives you 75% LTV ratio (Loan to Value) so you can get loan according to the amount of gold you have.

Muthoot Finance Gold Loan Process Fees.

If you want to take a gold loan from Muthoot Finance, then there is some process fee in it and that fee depends on the quality of your gold.

  • If your gold is BIS Hallmarked Jewelry / or you have gold coins taken from the bank then your processing fee is 1% of your loan amount and there is no Foreclosure Charges but inside it it contains gold of 18 to 22 carat quality The same is taken for loan.

You Can Pay Muthoot Finance Gold Loan Online.

If someone has taken Gold Loan from Muthoot Finance, then he can pay his EMI / Installment online and can also pay by visiting an offline branch Can do and can also pay by going to offline branch

So for this you can pay using muthoot finance online services. For this, we are providing you a link to the official page of muthoot finance online, through which you can take advantage of this service, but if you do not know how to make online payment, then you can go to the branch and make offline payment.

Muthoot Gold Loan Terms And Conditions.

If any person wants to take gold loan from muthoot finance, then there are terms and conditions of the bank for him, if those rules are followed only then the loan is given like:-

  • The Most Important Thing Is That The Gold Should Be Of Good Quality.
  • If The Loan Installment Is Not Paid, Then The Bank Will Give You A Few Days Notice, But Even If The Loan Is Not Paid, Then The Bank Can Sell Your Gold.
  • You Must Have All The Documents With You Because The Bank Checks The Documents.
  • The Person Taking The Loan Should Be An Indian Citizen.

Muthoot Gold Loan Vs SBI Gold Loan.

Muthoot Finance has the largest gold loan portfolio in India. It offers various types of gold loans. It offers a variety of schemes to its customers. While some are exclusive to women and others are limited to demographic segments:-

Parameters Min-max
Interest rate Southern branches-0-26%
Northern Branches-0-27%
Loan Amount Rs.1500-No limit
Tenure 3 months-360 days
Loan processing charges 0.5%-1%+GST

Avail Gold Loan from SBI by pledging your gold ornaments with minimal paperwork and low interest rate. You can also get a gold loan from gold coins sold by banks:-

Parameters Min-max
Interest rate 9.15%
Agricultural & Rural-9.95%
Loan Amount Rural Market-Rs.Min. 10,000
Others-Rs.20,000-Rs.20 lakh
Tenure Agricultural & Rural-12 months-36 months
Others-Up to 36 months
Loan processing charges 0.50% of the loan amount+GST

Muthoot Finance Gold Loan Rate Per Gram.

Many people want to know that how much loan will be available on Muthoot gold loan rate according to the gram, the amount of gold loan depends on the quality as well as the quantity of gold ornaments. Loan amount per 10 gram, Muthoot Gold loan rate per gram, is given below:-

  • 18 Carat Gold: Rs 16000
  • 17 Carat Gold : Rs 17200
  • 19 Carat Gold : Rs 18500
  • 20 Carat Gold : Rs 19800
  • 21 Carat Gold : Rs 21700
  • 21 Carat Gold : Rs 22900

Gold Loan Contact Number.

If any person wants to take loan from Muthoot Finance and want more information about it, then you can call from the toll free number given below:-

  • South India :- 99469 01212
  • Gujarat & Maharashtra :- +91-8000451451
  • Rest Of India :- 1800 313 1212

Which Is Better Between Gold Loan And Personal Loan?

  • Rate Of Interest – Rate Of Interest In Gold Loan Is Very Low Because Gold Is Mortgaged In Gold Loan. Hence It Comes Under The Category Of Secured Loan. Personal Loan On The Other Hand Generally Comes With A Higher Interest Rate.
  • Type Of Loan – Gold Loan Comes In Secured Loan Loan, Because Gold Is Mortgaged In Gold Loan. Hence It Comes Under The Category Of Secured Loan. And Personal Loan Is An Unsecured Loan.
  • Loan Amount – Gold Loan Is Given According To The Amount Of Gold Loan According To The Value Of Gold And Personal Loan Is Given According To The Income.
  • Process Time – Gold Loan Can Be Available Within One Hour And The Time Of Personal Loan Is Not Fixed, It May Take One To Two Days.

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